Specialists in Urology and Sexology have invented a unique new formula to increase the size of the penis. The innovative product contains only natural substances, that is why XTRA MAN is effective, has no side effects and poses no health risks. It is recommended to all men who wish to enlarge the penis in length and girth.

XTRA MAN has been clinically tested on volunteers and prove to be 100% effective for penis enlargement. The action of the gel is attributed to its active ingredients, specially selected by experts to meet male needs. The study has demonstrated an average increase in penis length by 5-6 cm. The developers of the innovative product claim that this effect stays forever.

Properties of XTRA MANxtra man cream use hindi

  1. Penis enlargement in length and girth.
  2. Increase in testosterone production.
  3. Prolonged sexual intercourse.
  4. Improved quality of orgasm.
  5. Increased blood circulation in the vessels of the penis.
  6. Normalisation of the sexual function.

Thanks to the invention of XTRA MAN formula, men don’t have to risk their health and undergo costly and dangerous surgery. The increase in the size of the male organ will be gradual, but it is guaranteed. After a week of use, the length of the penis increases by 2 cm on average.

How to use XTRA MAN?

Apply the gel preferably daily, half an hour before intercourse. Before applying the gel, make sure to wash the penis. Apply a small amount of gel on the penis and distribute it evenly along its entire length, using massage movements and working forwards and backwards. Penis enlargement occurs almost immediately. It will become 5 cm bigger within a month.


Although the gel contains only natural ingredients, which are harmless to health, abusing it is not recommended. After a month of use, take a small break.

Composition of the productxtra man cream price

XTRA MAN contains the following plants: Horny goat weed, thistle, lichen and Peruvian maca. Each of them stimulates testosterone production, enhances the quality of erections and sensitivity of the glans penis, and promote the enlargement of the penis. The ratio of the components is calculated to create a synergistic effect.

XTRA MAN does not contain any hormones, GMOs or other chemical compounds which could adversely affect men’s health. Therefore, this gel is suitable for everyone. The product does not cause any allergic reactions or dermatological irritations. On the contrary, it can protect from penetration of bacteria and reduce inflammation. However, these properties do not eliminate the need of using condoms.