The product is a new highly effective remedy used for the treatment of varicosity and other pathological veins conditions. It was designed based on organic ingredients and latest scientific achievements and can not only quickly eliminate the symptoms of varicosity but also treat the disease from within. The therapeutic complex which consists of specifically selected components has anti-allergic action, causes no side effects and effectively treats all pathologies and various unpleasant sensations caused by varicosity.

The product is manufactured in the form of a gel. It’s recommended by phlebologists across the world. The gel was clinically tested by the Europe’s leading phlebologists and scientists whose main occupation is the development of innovative products for the treatment of abnormal changes in the veins.varikostop cream for legs

Diseases which can be treated by Varikostop complex:

  1. Chronic venous insufficiency;
  2. Varicosity;
  3. Thrombophlebitis;
  4. Phlebopathy;
  5. Spider veins.

Thanks to its unique content, Varikostop helps to avoid surgery, extravasal plasty or, for example, perforator veins. Six therapeutic components of the remedy influence the affected veins both extrinsically and intrinsically. Their active and positive action can treat the pathological condition regardless of its stage. A person usually experiences mitigation of varicosity manifestations after approximately 17 days from the start of the treatment.

Based on customer’s feedback and clinical research, it has been proven that Varikostop facilitates the following:

  • The walls of the blood vessels and veins become fortified and naturally elastic;
  • Swelling, pain and cramps disappear;
  • Elimination of nodular vasculitis and swelling around the veins;
  • Improved blood circulation in the veins which helps to get rid of constant fatigue and the feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • Reduction of spider veins and even trophic ulcers and
  • varikostop indiapersisting small wounds;
  • Skin cover looks naturally making the skin smooth and attractive.

The symptoms of varicosity can relapse even in people who have already had surgery and cause many problems. A person begins to suffer from pain, feeling of heaviness in the legs and frequent night cramps again. These symptoms are excruciating and result in the disrupted pace of life and bad mood. Varikostop can help you to forget about these problems for good. It can be used anywhere including your home, work, or when you are travelling. You can always have a compact tube with the gel at hand, without occupying too much space in your handbag. You can use the gel at any time for treatment or as a preventative making your legs light and mood great.

Varikostop content:

  • Extract of Ginkgo Biloba, pine extract and quercetin improve blood circulation, restore elasticity of the blood vessels’ walls, relieve pain, launch the process of recovery of the damaged veins (regeneration) and provide your legs with the feeling of lightness. They also protect against the formation of blood clots and thrombs which can strike you again;
  • Berries of young sea buckthorns, horse chestnut and green tea subdue inflammatory processes, improve elasticity of the blood vessels and permeability of the veins, reduce pain and cramps, strengthen the immunity and also work as antioxidants;
  • Menthol crystals and glycerol. They provide a quick cooling effect and relieve pain and the feeling of heaviness in your legs.

The gel has many advantages compared to other remedies which are usually expensive and much less effective. Besides, it makes surgery unnecessary, thereby reducing the risk to your health and saving you lots of money. The gel allows eliminating spider veins within one week. It significantly reduces nodular vasculitis, abates pain and treats inflammation. The results of using Varikostop won’t be long in coming.

The complex of therapeutic components helps to make your veins healthy again. Moreover, Varikostop is capable of making your legs feel good when you need it most – like after a hard working day or when you have to be on your feet for a long time without relaxing.

Administration of Varikostop

Put small quantity of the gel onto your legs and rub it until the gel is fully absorbed. The gel leaves no marks on your clothes.varikostop price

The treatment of varicosity requires the use of the gel every morning and evening in the space of one month. Varikostop can also be used for preventive care on a regular basis.

The components of the gel easily penetrate the epidermis and start working instantly. They quickly relieve pain and fatigue, treat the veins from within and make the veins and blood vessels look naturally. Positive feedback of the people who used Varikostop is a proof of high effectiveness of the gel.