This product comes in the form of a pencil for instant and gentle whitening of your teeth at home. It looks like a small-sized tube, containing a special whitening gel. The gel is applied over the teeth with the enclosed brush. The gel can be easily distributed across the surface of your teeth. The necessary amount for a single application is specified by the manufacturer on the product’s box. It is easy to use, has gone through lab research, and there is a Certificate of Quality. The safety of the product is guaranteed.

The Composition of Teeth Whitening Pen

This product includes triethanolamine, glycerin, carbamide peroxide, carbopol, and peppermint oil.

These components are specially blended in such proportions in order to achieve effective treatment and without harming health. Therefore, no can be no damaging consequences to the teeth, as indicated by the manufacturer. But it is important to stick to oral hygiene and regularly visit dentists. Even if your teeth look shiny and white, you still need to take good care of them.teeth whitening pen price

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Pen:

  1. Easy and convenient use at home;
  2. Safety for health;
  3. Beautiful charming smile with shiny white teeth;
  4. Economical use of the gel for whiteing;
  5. Affordable price, compared to a teeth whitening treatment in a dental clinic;
  6. Confidence in your beauty and ease of communicating with other people.

Various “grandmother” recipeces for teeth whitening have become very popular nowadays. However, not everyone knows that such recipes are invented spontaneously, and no medical studies have been conducted to prove the safety of tooth enamel. Therefore, such questionable “recipes” should not be trusted, because they can ruin your teeth and gums, or even damage the roots of your teeth. Teeth Whitening Pen is manufactured under the supervision of medical specialists and is backed by clinical studies. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product and its safety in case of its correct use, and this is especially important.

How to apply Teeth Whitening Pen:

  • Before applying the gel, thoroughly clean your teeth and oral cavity and rinse your mouth, making sure there is no food between your teeth;
  • Open the tube, twisting it at the bottom;
  • Squeeze out a little bit of its contents and apply a thin layer on your teeth;
  • Leave for half an hour and rinse afterwards.

While applying the get, avoid lip area and facial skin.

The product is designed for gentle protection of tooth enamel, prevention of cavities and plaque. Do not apply it more than 7 times a day and do not use it longer than 2 weeks. After a course of treatment, you should take a break. You can’t use the product continuously. It is better to use Teeth Whitening Pen only for exceptional purposes, when you need to make a good impression, to look especially beautiful and to have a charming and attractive smile. It will be possible with the help of the gel.teeth whitening pen reviews

Additional benefits of Teeth Whitening Pen:

  1. Gentle protection of tooth enamel;
  2. Quick and easy whitening;
  3. Using at any desired time;
  4. Saving time and money by avoiding trips to the dentist;
  5. The least traumatic method compared with other whitening methods used in dentistry.


It is not recommended to use this product in cases of serious diseases of the gums or teeth.