The beautiful shape is the dream of many women. We want youth and health to stay with us forever. But not everyone manages to preservethese priceless gifts for long. Overload at work and at home, stress, lack of time for themselves, lack of sufficient movement and poor nutrition is the direct pathway to what metabolism disruption, which inevitably affects your looks and your health. One of the most common problems is obesity.

Nowadays we have access to all sort of information on how to deal with extra weight and there are many means to do that. Different diets, sports training, weight loss medication etc. As a rule, the situation does not change or changes little. Sometimes weight, on the contrary, is gained. It turns out that it isn’t easy at all to find the magic pill that would help you to become slim easily and effortlessly.

Experts recommend a straightforward approach: designate time for yourself, begin to exercise at least fifteen to twenty minutes daily, and drink green coffee.

What is Green coffee?

Green coffee is not some new selected, coffee variety. These are the ordinary beans, but they are left unroasted – raw. After nutritionists in America studied the coffee, they concluded that it has a unique fat-burning effect, which is lost when the beans is roasted. Therefore in order to lose weight it is recommended that you drink green coffee powder benefits

What is the effect of the Green coffee?

It has been known for ages that green tea helps weight reduction. Now tea faces competition – the green coffee. The excitement around this drink prompted scientific research on the effect. At the University of Scranton, much work has been done on this topic. Its goal was to figure out what fat-burning qualities the green coffee has.

The experiment attracted sixteen people, suffering from obesity. Every day they drank green coffee extract in small quantities. Twenty-two weeks passed. During the time of the experiment the participants reduced their weight by 12-20 pounds. Moreover they did not keep a diet, they did not exercise nor did they attend cosmetologists.

These results helped the researchers reach to the conclusion that the effect green coffee has on slimming down is quite profound. As stated by the scientists, fat “melted” due to the fact that the green coffee bean extract reduced the ability of the intestines to absorb fat and glucose. In addition, under the influence of the extract the insulin in the blood decreased. This was thanks to the faster metabolism, influenced by the green coffee.

Mechanism of action

The green coffee has the ability to speed up the lipid metabolism. It helps to oxidise fatty acids, which generates energy. This is possible because green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid and tannin. So to sum up – weight is reduced, even if the person does not engage in physical exercises and does not keep a diet.

The green coffee contains a lot of antioxidants, which are excellent helpers when it comes to preserving the youth of our skin. When people receives enough antioxidants they look better. So, when you use oils obtained from green coffee beans, you improve the condition of your skin.

Coffee beans that are not roasted, contain less caffeine compared to roasted beans. Which means that they do not a harmful effect on sleep.

Useful components

  • Green coffee helps to reduce blood sugar. This gives the body a signal to use already existing fat. The speed of the fat burning process is increased approximately threefold.
  • Green coffee contains less caffeine than roasted coffee. It acts as a stimulant of metabolism and slows down the process of fat depositing. Green coffee also contains tannin, which is beneficial for our mental activity.
  • Unroasted coffee reduces the appetite, which, of course, also helps weight loss.
  • Green coffee also contains chlorogenic acid (7%), which roasted grains lack – it green coffee indiadisintegrates after thermal treatment. This substance slows down the rate at which the human organism digests carbohydrates. This prevents fat accumulation in the subcutaneous layer. When the amount of arbohydrates in food is limited this acid helps for the active burning of body fat.
  • The maximum weight loss using green coffee can reach 14 per cent from the body weight per month. However, this is only possible coffee intake is combined with physical activity.
  • Combined with physical exercises and diet green coffee has a wonderful effect. Experts recommend drinking a cup of green coffee before physical activity, approximately fifteen minutes prior to that.
  • First – fat burning and the body receives help so it does not create new deposits.
  • Under the influence of green coffee metabolic processes are activated, especially fat and water metabolism; while the flow of glucose into the blood stream is slowed down.
  • Green coffee appeases the appetite quickly, relieving hunger and its caloric content is almost zero.
  • The tonic properties of green coffee improve both brain functioning and your mood.
  • Green coffee has good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thanks to this it helps to eliminate free radicals in the body.
  • Green coffee consumation can slow down the aging process of the skin, reduce cellulite as well as protect the skin from penetrating UV rays
  • Green coffee extract acts stronger than nonconcentrated coffee.
  • Cosmetologists offer SPA wraps, for them they use ground and steamed out green coffee beans. It is rubbed into the skin of the thighs and the belly and after that it is wrapped. The procedure takes half an hour, then the coffee is washed away and some anti-cellulite cream should be applied onto the skin.
  • Green coffee is the raw material for the preparation of the extract, in which the biologically active substances are concentrated. This product comes in capsules, there is also a liquid which is used externally.

Different scientists have quite different opinions of chlorogenic fat. It is considered beneficial because it helps reducing blood pressure. But it can become harmful in case you drink more than five mugs of strong coffee daily.

The benefits are obvious

When people drink green coffee, as experts say, their bodies receive several considerable benefits.

Who can take Green coffee?

Green coffee helps not only to reduce the weight, it also helps eliminate digestive disorders, as well as stabilises the low blood pressure. It is believed that the majority of older people can benefit from the green coffee, normalising the pressure in the blood vessels of the brain. They also feel how their mood is improved and their memory and attention become better and focused. Because green coffee contains little caffeine, pregnant and nursing women can drink it coffee capsules

Admission rules

You can make some green coffee using a moka pot, a French press coffeemaker, a Turkish coffee-pot.

First, the grain is ground: if you use a French press coffeemaker you should use coarse grind and for a moka pot and for Turkish coffee-pots – fine grind. Then you pour boiling water or boil the coffee.

For a single serving you need two to three teaspoons of coffee, level – this means with no heap. Water needs to be as much as a small cup can hold.

Drinking green coffee happens before a meal, about fifteen minutes before eating. Do this two or three times a day. You’d better not add sugar and milk. You can be a bit ofhoney to sweeten the drink. You must not take medicines with the coffee.

In general, pounds shed off after drinking green unroasted coffee and all you have to do is quite similar to conventional weight management systems – cut down junk food and stick to healthy foods. Simple addition to this becomes green coffee.

Pros of instant coffee

You can drink your coffee, but you won’t have to buy the unroasted beans and grind them yourself. But this drink does not have an exquisite taste. This is why stores offer alternatives -green coffee in coffee bags. They also contain other natural components, minerals and vitamins. This makes the drink taste better nad increases the effect of its intake.

What will be the effect?green coffee for weight loss

The weight loss speed using green coffee is unique for each person, because everybody has his own metabolism and eating habits. On average, 7-13 pounds can be lost monthly.

Today green coffee is sold everywhere. However, you must be cautious and check the certificate and the license of the seller to make sure of the quality of the product.

The easiest way to purchase green coffee – order online from online producer stores. This will save you time and money: the price of coffee on the website will be less compared to prices there.