Hendel’s Garden has long been known as a manufacturer of unique new products of the highest quality. Goji Cream, rich in beneficial Goji berry extract, is one of the latest products from the company. The innovative cream is designed for skin rejuvenation. Thanks to the product’s unique composition, it is capable of eliminating the most pronounced manifestations of age-related changes. Numerous women have already tried the product, and they were more than satisfied with the results. The cream is fairly easy to get hold of, making it possible for any woman to try it out and form their own opinion.

How the cream worksgoji cream in india price

Goji Cream primarily acts on the skin, moisturising and nourishing it. The cream’s special components penetrate deeply into the skin and accelerate its regeneration. As a result, it creates a double protection from dryness, which is the main cause of wrinkles.

Skin problems are most commonly associated with a loss of collagen, the substance responsible for regeneration capabilities of the skin as well as its elasticity. With age, the amount of collagen in the body decreases. Goji Cream, in turn, helps to increase the production of collagen, restoring the beautiful appearance of the skin.

Thanks to Goji berries, the cream helps to activate hidden resources of the skin. Continued use of the cream starts the process of natural skin renewal. As a result, the skin will look much fresher and younger.


The remarkable effectiveness of Goji Cream is guaranteed by its unique composition. It contains an array of useful substances, including grape seed extract, Goji berry extract, allantoin and fruit extracts, and no preservatives or parabens.

Goji berries are the main ingredient of the cream. This is a unique product that has long been used in nutrition and folk medicine. Its main feature is its one-of-a-kind composition, which includes a large amount of microelements, vitamins and amino acids. They perfectly complement other ingredients, such as grape seed oil and jojoba.

Instructions for usegoji cream india

You won’t have to wait too long to see the effects of Goji Cream — just a few applications will improve the condition of your skin. The manufacturer claims that 10-14 days of use will produce a significant rejuvenation effect. Among the observed effects are the following:

  • improves complexion;
  • removes crow’s feet;
  • lifts facial contours;
  • smooths small wrinkles.

To maximise the effect, you should follow specific recommendations as indicated in the instruction:

  • the cream should be applied morning and evening;
  • do your cleaning routine prior to applying the cream;
  • avoid getting the cream into your eyes and on your lips;
  • do not rub too hard when applying the cream.

Those who have already experienced the action of the cream, note that it is very pleasant to apply: it is easily absorbed, doesn’t leave the skin greasy and has a delightful fragrance.


Unlike the vast majority of anti-age skincare products, Goji Cream does not contain any hormones. Without a doubt, they allow you to achieve results quickly and efficiently, but on the other hand, they have some unpleasant side effects. By contrast, Goji Cream is a 100% natural product. It is effective and safe. Thanks to its unique contents, it very rarely causes allergies. That is why it can be used by women with very sensitive skin. If you want to see all its benefits and advantages for yourself, you can order it today.goji cream anti wrinkle

The natural moisturising Goji Cream gets positive feedback from all over the world: it has become very popular becaue of its reliability and ease of use. Currently, it becomes more and more sought-after in India.